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Language as the Cultural Conduit

Conducting cultural analysis helps organizations set up the necessary parameters for decision making, adaptation to new needs, and the implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of an organization in the host culture. Running a business in an intercultural environment is very difficult.… Read More

Team-Based Business Takes the Market

(NewsUSA) – The nine to five workday seems as outdated as the typewriter. Global businesses operate around-the-clock. While some employees sleep, others work towards corporate goals.

In the past, businesses relied on hierarchies. But to leverage technology, knowledge and human talent, businesses seek assets worldwide.… Read More

The World is Within Reach for Small Businesses

(NewsUSA) – With the Internet, global cellular phones and affordable travel available, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are going beyond their backyards and forging a global presence. In fact, it’s small- and medium-sized businesses that account for the majority of U.S.Read More